Sleep Like a Baby Wrapped in Baby Swaddle Blankets

Though sleep like a baby is a phrase quite commonly uttered, in reality, it is not valid. Babies are very light sleepers. Making them sleep is a task that only parents can understand and empathize with. If we talk about new-born babies, they are still clueless about their existence on earth, and they mightily resist the idea of sleeping anywhere else than their mother’s womb where they were cozy and comfortable. Despite trying very hard, they are unable to sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a stretch. Babies have tiny tummy which needs to be frequently filled; hence they get up in no time. This transition from mother’s womb to planet earth may take months, and till then, we have no choice but to look for ways and means that can ensure comfort to the baby helping him to sleep. Buying soft and feathery quilt or swaddle blankets can help them relax. Let us discuss how to choose a suitable blanket.

Swaddling-A Way to Make Baby Feel Comfortable

Swaddling is an age-old way to bring comfort to baby helping him to doze off and sleep soundly. Wrapping the baby in a soft quilt or blanket gives a snug fit making him feel secure and content. It tries to imitate the comfortable cocoon of the mother’s womb. Many babies awaken due to sudden reflexes that startle them and bring them awake. Such abrupt to their sleep makes them crankier than ever, making it more difficult for them to sleep. There is an extensive range of high-quality quilts available in the market. Check out some of the best options and buy one for your bundle of joy. There is a vast range of quilts available in different qualities, materials, and designs. You can choose a lovely handmade patchwork quilt for your baby. Covered with soft, smooth and comfortable quilt will lull your baby to sleep in no time.

Swaddle Blankets

Besides quilt, you can also look for baby swaddle blankets that are meant primarily to swaddle the baby. Such a blanket gives a safer and warmer feeling that makes it easier for babies to sleep. This baby product is unique and versatile. Take your time and browse through several options available.

Diverse Sizes

Swaddle blankets for babies are available in multiple sizes. According to the age and height of the baby, choose an appropriate size. It should not be too loose or too tight; else the baby will not feel comfortable. In some brands, these swaddling blankets may be available in just a couple of sizes, so choose carefully and buy the one that offers the best fit.

Also, buy a blanket as per the climate of the place where you live. If you live in cold climate places, you will have to choose an option that is heavy and keep your baby’s body warm and comfortable. Conversely, if you live in an area that experiences warm weather, go for a lighter blanket which gives a snug feeling to the baby.

Check the closure of the blanket

Another thing that you need to check is the closure system of the blanket. Some options may come with a Velcro which may lose its adhesiveness with time and may be slightly noisy for your baby’s ears. Another option is a more comfortable zipper.blanket

Quality Material

Always go for a swaddle blanket that is available in high-quality material. Choose material that is made up of 100 percent cotton, soft and organic material. The product must be breathable and made up of muslin cotton, particularly suited to warm weather. Such content is very cozy and cocoons the baby lovingly, making him comfortable and relaxed. It also gets softer with every wash becoming more intimate than ever. Most important of all, such a blanket prevents the baby from crawling keeping him safe in bed.

Multiple Uses

These swaddle blankets are quite large and as such can be used in various ways. It is not necessary to use them to wrap the baby. You can use it as a stroller or nursing cover. Further, use it for cleanups or burp clothes as the baby outgrows it leaving it free for other uses. It can also be perfect to be used as a blanket.

Interesting Designs

These lovely blankets are available in hues of pastel and other colors. Excellent designs like cartoon characters, fairies, animals and more make them look more beautiful and appealing. Choose something that will make your baby look lovelier than ever swaddled and comfy in the snug blanket.

To Sum It Up

Swaddling has been the oldest trick in every parent’s book, used time and again to bring comfort to the baby helping him to sleep. Buying a quality swaddling blanket makes the task easier and convenient.

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